tiistai 27. lokakuuta 2015

Black & Red


maanantai 26. lokakuuta 2015

Monday Inspiration

Oon yrittäny kirjotella englanniks mahdollisimman paljon nyt viime postauksiin, vaikka se ei ihan täydellistä olekaan.. Lomat on ohi ja seuraavan kerran lomailemaan päästäänkin vasta jouluna, joka lähestyy jo tosi kovaa vauhtia! Viime sunnuntain vietin kotona keräten inspiraatiota tulevaa viikkoa varten. Mun mielestä on äärettömän tarkeetä pysyä motivoituneena, koska se auttaa ainakin mua jaksamaan ja tekemään asioita. Selailin myös kuvia ja tein kollaasin muutamista uusista sekä vanhoista lemppareista.

I've been writing in english as much as possible even though it's not perfect. Holidays are over and it's time to go back to school. Next break will be the Christmas which by the way is soon here! Last Sunday I get inspired by instagram, lookbook and some old magazines. I think it´s important to stay motivated to keep it going and get things done. I made a little collection of pictures that inspired me. Have a great Monday.


tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2015

The Moment

Just a minute go I was reading a new magazine I bought earlier today. sipping white tea with vanilla flavor at the light of candle and I realized why I love blogging and why am I doing it. It´s not about how I want to show my clothes, or how perfect my life is. It´s all about the moment, the inspiration and the feelings I want to give to everyone.

People ask me do I really need to share all my perfect moments in my instagram, blog or snapchat. They think it is fake to make everything looking good just for the photos to make people jealous. Well the truth is I don´t share all my moments. Actually it is just few ones I share on social media. I don’t make the dinner look nice for instagram. I do it for myself because I really enjoy beautiful things. Of course I don´t always drink my tea from expensive golden cups, but if I like them, why not to use?

So that´s why I want to share my moments with you. to give inspiration. I hope that everyone     and advices not becource I want that everyone feel that I am some asshole who think life can be perfect living in his own world. even when it´s kind of is true. Why not to enjoy life and moments if we can. Be course one day we think how we lived our lives and usually we wish that we could take more from life. Of course the life kicks us, but I think the winner is the one who loved his life not the one who survived the best or who didn´t suffer a lot. Enjoy the good moments and get over the bad ones. What doesn´t kill us definitely don´t make us stronger but oaifhpadhgwrj. With small funny little things and moment we have we can cheer us up. Its all about benig positive and I can say that I feel 21 hous from 24 that I am happy. I realy would like to write about being positive and how I keep it positive for 24/7. I hope that I can bring some happiness and inspiration to someone. Well I think there is enough thoughts for this evening. Sweet dreams.


lauantai 17. lokakuuta 2015

Navy Blazer





Gosh I love autumn: falling leaves, warmer clothes and chai latte, ah perfection. I shoot this outfit few weeks ago with Kia and I have to say I like very much how the outfit looks. Unfortunately it is too cold to wear just blazer in Finland now. There is few yellow leafs left in the threes and soon it is just dark and grey November, which I by the way love! It is funny that November is one of my favorite months because almost everyone hates it, ha.

Blazer and white T-shirt always works.  Nice navy or gray blazer is good to own because it fits many styles! You can dress it up with nice pair of trousers and shirt or get it down to street style with ripped jeans.