torstai 7. tammikuuta 2016

Don't Complain; Just Work Harder - 2016

2015 was great, quick and a bit random year. I don't know why I feel this but there was something odd. I have done collages from the outfits of the past year and will post them tomorrow. In this post I want to concentrate something more important: what did I promise for the new year 2016.

For 2015 I promised to really enjoy the year and be me. And I think I found my self and my voice. Now in 2016 I won’t be afraid to use it. I am more confident now. It’s time get out from the comfort zone and take some risks. In 2016 I will work hard, forget the excuses and concentrate things I want to get done. Life is too short for netflix and dreaming, reaching the goals is the way to go.

I want to go bigger with the blog. I know what I want and like I said it’s time to work harder because if I don’t, everything will be the same. I hate when people get upset with the results they didn’t get by the work they didn’t do. Seriously you can’t complain if you haven’t work hard enough. Here my advice: WORK HARDER. That sounds a bit cruel but life is, and I believe the ones who wants the most will work hardest and finally get it. Thats something I want keep in my mind whole year.


maanantai 4. tammikuuta 2016

New Year with Vintage

I supposed publish yesterday post about this year and my new years resolutions but somehow the text is gone and I can't found it. I might write it again after this post and you can read it tomorrow.

This post is all about the first outfit of the year! I love my vintage coat from my grandpas closet. I went shopping with my aunt and grandma last fall and I look those lovely oversized coats in every store and my aunt rememberd that my grandpa has nice coat from 70s. It wasn't my first time at his closet and  I fall in love immediately whit this. First I think the coat was weird but I get it on and rock in it. I don't lie if I say that everyday I have the coat on, someone tells me how great my coat is, even one of my teachers said: you have nice coat!

Do you guys love the oversized coats? I am seeing them every wear and I hope they are staying for good. They are pretty warm and cozy and look damn good! I recommend everyone to search your parents and grandparents closets, because I promise you will found oversized coat! If you don't found go to thrift shop, vintage coats look amazing. In case you still will not find H&M and Zara has nice ones as well.


perjantai 1. tammikuuta 2016

It´s Finally 2016

It´s 2016 and I have never been so exited about the new year! 2016 will be amazing. I have inspiration and energy to work hard and grow my blog. I think I finally know what I want from the blog. I have been saying that I don't want to grow my blog, when in my heart I have. I didn´t hate my blog, but I wasn´t very proud of it neither. I had only a few followers and the quality of the texts and photos was not so good I wanted, so I didn´t have that big motivation

So this is only quck update. I will write more on Sunday, please get ready for the 2016 and stay tuned.