keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2016

Back in Business

At the beginning of the year I hoped I  would post more regularly. Still I feel I have kept my new years resolution. I literally have slept as less as I can to study to get the best grades I can, and that was the main point of the resolution: get things done.

Last week I tried to go to the cafe with my computer to write and edit some pictures. There is just too many other things to do at home, I mean all the text books is waiting to be redden. I have tomorrow and Friday my last normal exams and then there is only the finals left, with I am terrified by the way. So much to do in so little of time. Well  now I sit at the cafe and use my time for the blog. I still think that without normal lessons I have some time for the blog, I can’t study 24/7, or can I?


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