sunnuntai 17. huhtikuuta 2016

Late Sunday Update

Hello again! After my finals and the hustle and bustel of the last high school year I have been slowly starting to think about blogging more seriously(again..) At the begging of the year I tried to blog regular and the first weeks of the year it looked like I was. Then school took all of my time. Now I'm just planning my graduation party which take a lot of time and effort, by the way. I will start to write regular, but without pressures. I have learned that if I force me to do things, I won't do or enjoy doing it, and that's all I want blogging to be me. Ok, enough of these words, I hate writing and reeding this kind of stuff, but if there is anyone reading, I think I owe these words to you.

I wanted badly strawberry cake all day. After many hours about dreaming this very classic cake I decide to bake it. Sponge cake, vanilla flavored cream and strawberries. So easy, simple and classic. I'm a big fan of fancy french patisseries but this classic english style strawberry cake just work for me. Last few days have been sunny and warm but today it was unfortunately a bit cold and cloudy. The cake taste like summer and thats why I wanted it.

Wow, quite a lot of text. I mean I tried to write something to the past outfit posts but no word did came out. It was very nice to write. I'm just too lazy to edit the pictures perfect or re-read and correct my grammar and spelling mistakes so please, take my pardon, I'm not perfect. Now I take one more pice of the cake and get on the bed to read and hopefully fall a sleep soon.

           Aaro, xx

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