lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2016

Is it you Summer?

This week has been amazing! Temperatures have rised above 20 degrees and the Sun has shined from the clear sky! I have seen my friends almost everyday in and just enjoyed.

I just light on a few(at least ten) candles to enjoy the fading sunlight with a cup of tea. I have forgot the internet and social media totally. I have only written my first post  based on fashion and I hope I have enough time to finish it tomorrow. Otherwise I haven't edit any picture or write or even think about the blog. On Sunday is Mothers Day and I want to enjoy it with my loves so I am not sure if I have enough time post that. Monday and Tuesday will be busy so I want to relax and have fun tomorrow. I still hope I have time to do my day post in Monday or Tuesday. I realy enjoy watching them from youtube, but I am definitely not ready for videos or vlogs so I will do it the old fashioned way with pictures and text.


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