maanantai 4. heinäkuuta 2016

Man Has His Dreams

When I was a kid I loved to visit the farms and counrtyside. Cow was my favorite animal and I dreamed about having my own farm and manor when I become adult. Thats something only my family knows about me and whats my friend couldn't believe. Crowing up I become more more the city type of person and I couldn't even think about living in countryside. Nowdays I dream about living in big cities around Europe and US.  I want to live in stylish art nouveau apartment in paris and fancy penthouse in New York but I also want to buy old manor house and restore it back to it's old days glory or perhaps build new one with old world charm and  live peaceful life with my family middle of nowhere.

My point is I have dreams. One day I want to walk out from my manor like the pink one in these pictures and say I made it. I love to build castles on clouds. I know it's impossible that all of my dreams will come true, but whats the point of dreaming if you don’t even try to achieve them? You can't get all you want, of course, but the more you try to reach your goals the more you eventually will catch.

I wasn't supposed to write any of this. I just let my mid fly and write something about me and here we are. I haven't told much about me and my thoughts here. And thats the real reason I write a blog, to share my thoughts and inspiration. I need to start writing more!


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