maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2016

The Fountain And Bombers

Few weeks ago I shoot outfit with my dad for a long time. It was quiet Sunday afternoon and the city was empty. I had urban street view for this outfit on my mid,  but when we walked trough the city I saw the fountain, and spontaneous changed my mid. I like to go shoot my outfits with no clear destination and decide the perfect place with the feeling. I actually don't like the pictures that much but I still decide to publish, why not? I like the outfit anyway!

I fall in love immediately I saw the jacket on sale last winter at H&M and can you believe me, it was only jacket which  was not a bomber. I am not big fan of bombers. I don't like the ribbings on the sleeves and the collar looks terrible on me. I have tried so many cheep and expensive ones but none of those have fit me perfect enough. To be honest I hate the bombers. Maybe one day I find the perfect one and fall in love, but for now I'm ready to say goodbye to the bombers for a while. 

Make me a fovor and buy new jackets for coming fall.


2 kommenttia:

  1. Kivoja kuvia, varsinkin toi eka! :-)

    1. Voi kiitos! Ei ehkä parhaimmat ikinä, mutta ei todellakaan huonoimmatkaan :)