maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016

Forgotten Outfit

Outfit form last Autumn. I love the look. The baseball jacket has a bit bomber vibes don't you think? 

I'm too busy to write anything, sorry.


tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2016

Favorite Knitwear

A few weeks ago I shoot outfits with Reetta for the very first time. Usually shooting first time feels uncomfortable and awkward, but it was fun and natural to shoot with Reetta. All looks we shoot was great but this outfit has to be my favorite one. I think the settings matches perfectly to the outfit and Reetta definitely find the best angles. I'm wearing my favorite knitwear by one of my favorite brand, Morris. This Swedish brand has Ralph Lauren vibes and knows very well how to make good looking clothes. I always wait for their new collections and this fall Morris launched new line of accessories and watches. I am obsessed and can't wait to visit their flagship store in Stockholm. I haven't realize that the knitwear matches perfectly with my navy jacket I bought from H&M. Both pieces has stayed in my closet forever but I never come up with this combo. I think they look super together and I will use this combination for the next time I don't know what to wear. 


lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2016

A Pice of Luxury

Anyone who knows me know I live for Sunday mornings. I used to hate Sundays because Sunday meant the weekend was over and the next day was monday and that meant I had to do my homework whole day. I realized I want to enjoy the Sunday mornings and I started to eat breakfast in bed. Every Sunday I made pancakes or waffles and get back in bed and watched Netflix, mainly gossip girl, to the afternoon. I also did all my homework during the week and weekend so my Sundays were free. Quickly the Sunday became my favorite day of the week. Instead of waiting Friday I waited Sunday mornings.

Nowadays I don't watch Netflix that much, especially Sundays, but I still enjoy the mornings. It's not that difficult to get up for thirty minutes, make something sweet and get back in bed and just enjoy the moment and the life. I could easily write entire book or two about Sundays but unfortunately I don't have time, yet.

Breakfast in bed itself is a pice of luxury and thats what we need in our daily bases. Pice of feeling good. Pice of happiness. It doesn't have to be served from silver tray of in fancy hotel suite. I believe luxury has nothing to do with money, it's about your attitude.

Please make a favor and have luxurious Sunday morning tomorrow!

Love, Aaro

keskiviikko 14. syyskuuta 2016

Autumn mood

I can't remember when I have used my denim jacket last time. I have used it few times during September and it's probably it. I wanted all attention to the jacket so I choose black jeans and sweatshirt to highlight the denim jacket I love. My blue converses matched the outfit perfectly. Unfortunately this will be their last season and I have to find new pair for next spring. Luckily it's autumn and time to buy new leather boots or Timberlands, perhaps? Well more about fall/winter shoes later.


sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2016


These pictures are about year old. You can see that from my long hair and the Vogue September issue 2015. I haven't got this years and I am a bit irritated about that. The sales associate of my local department store wasn't even sure what magazine I meant and she tried to sell me wrong Vogue. I hope I found the magazine today. I also wish I had those pancakes now, I'm eatng just basic scrumbled eggs and coffee. I hope next Sunday I have more time to make a good breakfast and time to enjoy it. This was quick Sunday update. Now I read other blogs and finish my coffee and get up. Even though it's Sunday and I have too much things to do. Have a great day!


torstai 8. syyskuuta 2016

Thoughts and Feelings

It’s autumn, the best of the seasons and I feel a bit depressed already. Usually I'm exited about fall. Fall has meant going back to school, new beginnings, working hard, seeing friends and trying new things. I graduated form high school last spring and now I should apply to study something. I enjoy studying even tough I'm not the smartest kid on the class. I enjoy going to school and class and I miss the social environment schools offer. It’s really hard to see my friends starting their senior year or studies at universities around the Finland, and the world! Now everyone has their things to do, and I do nothing with my life. I want to study. Or work. Or travel. Or do anything!

I feel I’m stuck, and this time not with the blog. With my life. Well, I'm literally stuck, because I’m in the army now. I have 10 months my service left, which is quite long time to do nothing. Weekends are shot  to write blog, see my friends, spend time with my family and relax. I'm used to do lots of things with my spare time and now I don't have time to be creative. Blogging has become more important to me. At the beginning of my military service I thought I won't blog at all, but now I have inspiration to write and share my pictures I can't live without my blog. 

As everything, my military service has good sides also: I have time to think what I want to do with my life, even though I won't probably get answer ever. I have an idea what and where I want study but  I'm not sure do I want to go university or not. I will probably take another year off, just because I think I'm not ready to start studies right after my military service. I have been thinking about leaving Finland for a while after I finish my military service. I love the idea about voluntary working in Africa or buying tickets to London or New York to find a job from cafe or department store and try to live a bit different life. Internal in Europe or backpacking in Asia doesn't sound that bad either. I want to see and experience the world.


maanantai 5. syyskuuta 2016

Vintage Gucci Silk Scarf

This outfit is based on my vintage Gucci silk scarf. Few years ago I got the scarf from my grandmother when she gave us stuff she didn't needed anymore and I fall immediately in love with the colors and the print of the scarf, and obviously the fact the scarf was by Gucci.  I didn't know how to use the scarf in my outfits so I never wore it.  One month ago I found the scarf form my closet by accident and I can only wonder why haven't I wear it. I came up so many different outfits I want to wear: the scarf would look for example fantastic with white tee and blazer or all black outfit. I still wanted to keep this outfit simple, so I wore basic pair of black jeans and blue shoes matching the sweatshirt (as I told you before, I love the combo of black and blue). Black coat was too much for this outfit I wanted to keep fresh, so I wore my beige trench coat and vintage ray bans to make the look look more summery. I promise you will see me wearing this scarf lots of times during the autumn. The words doesn't come easily so I'd better let the photos and the scarf speak by themselves.


torstai 1. syyskuuta 2016

Black and Blue

I don't know what happened to the quality of these pictures but I'm getting really mad, and I am not even joking. I have tried all the old hacks and some new tricks but the quality of these pictures is still worse than shit! I usually won't let blogger win these battles but now I give up. These are the first pictures for very long time with the new hair cut and everything! I realy hope the next pictures will come in better quality, and if not, I promise it will be the end of my blog!

Now for the real stuff I wanted to write about like all bloggers around the world: September. I love summer, of course, but I like more the autumn. I hate dressing up in summer and thats one of the reasons I haven't post and taken any pictures during the summer. I love the heat and sun but I hate to wear summer clothes. I don't like shorts and I want usually use multiple layers of clothing in my outfits and thats obviously impractical during the summer. Now it's luckily September and the temperatures is getting slowly down and it's getting darker every day.  I love to see how the colors in trees change first different shades of orange and yellow and finally fall down to the pavement. And thats the thing I love in Fall. I love to see the environment change. But let's not start she Autumn hype yet, I promise you will get that later!

I 'm obsessed with the combination of black and blue. Navy and Black are colors people are afraid to mix and I think those are the colors to make gorgeous combos. I was supposed to take outfit pictures with my dad later on that day, but my dad picked me up from the city and I had my camera with me so we shoot this outfit first and then the outfit I had planed to bee shooten(I will post that on Monday and it's based on Gucci silk scarf which  my favorite item of clothing at the moment).

Back to my outfit, which is very good example of outfit I wear on daily bases. I am wearing one of my favorite jackets by marc o polo, ok, I can't always say: "I'm wearing my favorite jacket", but the truth is I love all my jacket, and thats one of the reasons I love more autumn than summer. Coats and jackets are probably my favorite items of clothing. I think I should write more about coats and how to find the perfect ones, but now I should stop writing. I feel I have written too much with clear point so I stop this post right here.