lauantai 17. syyskuuta 2016

A Pice of Luxury

Anyone who knows me know I live for Sunday mornings. I used to hate Sundays because Sunday meant the weekend was over and the next day was monday and that meant I had to do my homework whole day. I realized I want to enjoy the Sunday mornings and I started to eat breakfast in bed. Every Sunday I made pancakes or waffles and get back in bed and watched Netflix, mainly gossip girl, to the afternoon. I also did all my homework during the week and weekend so my Sundays were free. Quickly the Sunday became my favorite day of the week. Instead of waiting Friday I waited Sunday mornings.

Nowadays I don't watch Netflix that much, especially Sundays, but I still enjoy the mornings. It's not that difficult to get up for thirty minutes, make something sweet and get back in bed and just enjoy the moment and the life. I could easily write entire book or two about Sundays but unfortunately I don't have time, yet.

Breakfast in bed itself is a pice of luxury and thats what we need in our daily bases. Pice of feeling good. Pice of happiness. It doesn't have to be served from silver tray of in fancy hotel suite. I believe luxury has nothing to do with money, it's about your attitude.

Please make a favor and have luxurious Sunday morning tomorrow!

Love, Aaro

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