torstai 8. syyskuuta 2016

Thoughts and Feelings

It’s autumn, the best of the seasons and I feel a bit depressed already. Usually I'm exited about fall. Fall has meant going back to school, new beginnings, working hard, seeing friends and trying new things. I graduated form high school last spring and now I should apply to study something. I enjoy studying even tough I'm not the smartest kid on the class. I enjoy going to school and class and I miss the social environment schools offer. It’s really hard to see my friends starting their senior year or studies at universities around the Finland, and the world! Now everyone has their things to do, and I do nothing with my life. I want to study. Or work. Or travel. Or do anything!

I feel I’m stuck, and this time not with the blog. With my life. Well, I'm literally stuck, because I’m in the army now. I have 10 months my service left, which is quite long time to do nothing. Weekends are shot  to write blog, see my friends, spend time with my family and relax. I'm used to do lots of things with my spare time and now I don't have time to be creative. Blogging has become more important to me. At the beginning of my military service I thought I won't blog at all, but now I have inspiration to write and share my pictures I can't live without my blog. 

As everything, my military service has good sides also: I have time to think what I want to do with my life, even though I won't probably get answer ever. I have an idea what and where I want study but  I'm not sure do I want to go university or not. I will probably take another year off, just because I think I'm not ready to start studies right after my military service. I have been thinking about leaving Finland for a while after I finish my military service. I love the idea about voluntary working in Africa or buying tickets to London or New York to find a job from cafe or department store and try to live a bit different life. Internal in Europe or backpacking in Asia doesn't sound that bad either. I want to see and experience the world.


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