maanantai 5. syyskuuta 2016

Vintage Gucci Silk Scarf

This outfit is based on my vintage Gucci silk scarf. Few years ago I got the scarf from my grandmother when she gave us stuff she didn't needed anymore and I fall immediately in love with the colors and the print of the scarf, and obviously the fact the scarf was by Gucci.  I didn't know how to use the scarf in my outfits so I never wore it.  One month ago I found the scarf form my closet by accident and I can only wonder why haven't I wear it. I came up so many different outfits I want to wear: the scarf would look for example fantastic with white tee and blazer or all black outfit. I still wanted to keep this outfit simple, so I wore basic pair of black jeans and blue shoes matching the sweatshirt (as I told you before, I love the combo of black and blue). Black coat was too much for this outfit I wanted to keep fresh, so I wore my beige trench coat and vintage ray bans to make the look look more summery. I promise you will see me wearing this scarf lots of times during the autumn. The words doesn't come easily so I'd better let the photos and the scarf speak by themselves.


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