sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2016

What Fashion is?

What is fashion? That is the question I've been trying to get answer few years now, and never come up with clear definition. Fashion seems to be one of the hottest topics but what does it really means?

The word fashion means something that's popular and common in certain place and time. Fashion forms from the thoughts, styles and global phenomenons of the world. Fashion is what the past, like belle époque, 20's or the world war II was like,  meaning just not the clothing people wore,  but the way of life they had. That's so old, can mean the dress of the last season girl has or the opinions of our parents from the middle ages.  In our daily bases we talk about fashion when we are talking about clothes, style and trends. There is a line between word fashion and fashion world. We talk about changing fashions when we really talk about changing trends, that are one day in and the next day out. Fashion is not only the clothing. Fashion is everything: the clothes and accessories, the cars, the furniture, the architecture, the way we talk, act, and think. Fashion isn't eternal, like Yves Saint Laurent said. Fashion changes fast, and I'm not talking about clothing which styles, by the way, change too fast nowadays, but not that quickly and certain cycles as trends and styles. Kim Kardashian-West is an icon and has her own personal style we will remember after she has past. She create new trends that does change often. Fashion is the way she do everything and the fashion won't be the same tomorrow. Fashion moves on. Styles changes but we will remember and set inspired of the icons later on.  Fashion is in the details of styles and trends which create the fashion.

Fashion is about feeling good. Fashion is everywhere, in every moment, in everyones minds. Fashion is in the people, in ideas, in our behavior, in the stars, in the inspiration. Fashion is the art. Fashion is nothing that exist in Vogue only. Anna Wintour might choose the coming trends and Karl Lagerfeld design the new styles, but neither of those great leaders of the fashion world can choose whats in fashion. Fashion is personal. It means different things to different people. Fashion tells who we are and stye is the way to express ourself. Fashion can mean the style and trends, new fashionable clothes, a business in the  fashion industry,  job in the world of fashion, obsession, religion, inspiration, pain, nothing. Fashion is the way of life. There is people who doesn’t care about fashion at all, but in reality those people choose not to care. Those are like the people who doesn't vote in elections.

I do believe in fashion. I believe you are what you wear, but fashion is not only a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos or new Prada bag. Fashion is the world of clothes, styles and trends. Fashion is style from the past. Fashion is art combining every elements of art and world. Fashion is the personality of individual people and groups. Fashion connect and separate us. Fashion is complicated word to understand, like words love and happiness. Fashion is the huge umbrella term with varieties of levels and meanings.

I loved to hear what you think about fashion. 
Please leave a comment down below even you don't have brilliant point or crystal clear thought about what fashion is.


perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2016

Pizza Friday

I have loved cooking and baking since forever. When I was a child I rather spend my days in the kitchen with my mum than played with the other kids. So I basically grew up in the kitchen. I love baking but sometimes I take it too seriously, I mean, if something I've tried very hard has failed it might have ended up once of twice on the floor… Thats the perfectionist side of me. I promise I write more about those comic tragedies later, hah.

Anyway will I do it seriously or effortless I like to bake and cook alone. I'm the grandmother who doesn't need help and gets crazy if someone try to do something in the kitchen at the same time. Sometimes it's still fun to cook with family and friends. Few weeks ago we had the perfect Friday night with my mum and his husband. We made our own pizzas with our own favorite fillings. The mood was cozy with red wine, best of Verdi and lots of laugh. Cooking and baking with family and friends is so fun and bonding. So if you have nothing to do during the weekend I have a great suggestion for you: invite your friend over and bake something your favorite and have great quality time! 

keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2016

More Gucci

Here we are with another look inspired by the Gucci silk scarf. In this outfit I wanted to give all the attention to the scarf. The colors of the scarf looked amazing with black so I went all-black base and  brown leather shoes matching perfectly the shade of brown in the scarf. Some days I feel like hidding behind all-in-black outfit, but I don't want. Black is great base for interesting outfit but head-to-toe-black, even with different materials and textures, is a bit boring. Could you be just a bit more original or creative? And thats really what I think I see anyone all-in-black. (My opinion has nothing to do with the fact Anna Wintour would never wear head-to-toe-black, hah.)

Now to the Scarf itself. I told that I got it from my grandmother few years ago. Well my grandmother got it quite many few years ago from his friend. My grandmama used to travel a lot with her friends and they made new friends with the locals around the world. One of them was this italian guy from Rome working in fashion industry. They visited at his huge villa in Rome where his kids played at their own football field, and had fabulous dinner served by their maid. All relationships can't last forever, well I think if you have Italian friend sending fashion pieces you don't let the friendship die.. Luckily my grandma didn't throw these treasures away while cleaning her closets.


maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2016

Monday Melancholy

I haven't write about my thoughts and feelings for a very long time. It has been only few times I even have but I've enjoyed it a lot, and now I feel I want to write more. My spirits has been low lately. I had super fun with my friends at Saturday but now I feel melancholic. It feels weird. I doesn't feel lonely or sad. I don't know how I really feel. Maybe is this autumn depression? Most of the yellow leaves has fallen down and I can see only the grey sky behind the empty trees. But then it is one of my favorite things about the fall. I like how sad it is, and it's not even November yet., which by the way, has to be my favorite month. Can you believe it? 

I won't say I'm depressed but my mood is not normal either. I feel I'm in prison. I'm stuck. I need to get out of here. I need fresh air. I need to get lost to find myself again. I want to say my family and friends good byes and fly away for a while. I want to see the world. I want to improve myself. I want to grow up a bit more. Ooh so many things I want but then, I'm not sure do I really want all that. I'm not shy or scared but I'm not ready for something so radical either. I won't ever be, the time will never be the right. Well, thats something I will never find out because I won't stay and wait the perfect moment to come. Maybe time could be much better later, but we can know that only later in the future.

One thing sure is I won't go anywhere before the summer when my military service ends.  I am flying  to Stockholm to take the högskoleprovet next week, which gives me ability to apply to universities in Sweden, but that doesn't count. It's not a vacation. I'm so stressed out about the exam and my future. Those are  probably the major reasons my mood has fallen down.

These are the first pictures taken by my friend Iina. It's funny how embarrassing I felt behind the camera that day. I'm so used to stand in front and behind the camera that I don't even care anymore what people think about it, but that day was horrible. The next day we shoot more pictures and everything was fine. I strike a pose when the son asked his mum: "what are they doing?" and kept  on taking the pictures when giggling girls passed us. But that day we took these pictures I was very self-conscious. It felt like the very firs time I was in front of the camera: akward with know idea what I' was doing and no control on it. The feeling I had was quite similar with the feeling I have now.


torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

Floral Shirt

Pictures taken by my fried Iina, you have to check her instagram @iinaerica

Ooh, another outfit.. I have to say I'm proud how regular I've been posting but I hate it's all about my outfits. The truth is I haven't have time to create anything else. I love to take pictures and write about my outfits but my looks aren't all I want to give. It's easy to ask my friends to take  that pictures while I see them in the city, but now I want to invest my time to write more about my life and lifestyle. Fashion and clothing will remain as a major theme though. There is some articles and  projects with fashion and other lifestyle themes I've been working on, so my outfits won't be only thing you will see in the future.

Now quick to the outfit. I have never been the into to the prints and patterns, especially to the florals, but when I saw Mathias Greets wearing this same Jack&Jones shirt I changed my mid immediately. Later I saw the shirt in my local departmentsotore and the same second I touched the shirt, I heard the salesociate screaming: "Ooh, you are watching the seasons most stylish pice!" She was sweet and in five minutes I was sold. 


tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2016

The Weekend

As you know, I am in the army and that means I spend only some of my weekends at home. It's hard  to schedule and balance my weekends between seeing family, going out with my friends and having  relaxing quality time with me myself and I. Last weekend I went to Kotka to spend time with my mum and his husband. The weekend started with really good news which gave us reason to celebrate with champagne.

We had the perfect pizza Friday with home made pizza(obviously), lots of laugh, red wine and candle light. We started our Saturday with brunch and went to the theatre to see "Pride and Prejudice". After the theater I took train back to Lahti to see my aunt instead of going to dinner with others. I spend my Sunday on bed watching Netflix to the late afternoon. Later I shoot two outfits in the city with my dad and had amazing Sunday dinner. Unfortunately I didn't find the pictures I took.