torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

Floral Shirt

Pictures taken by my fried Iina, you have to check her instagram @iinaerica

Ooh, another outfit.. I have to say I'm proud how regular I've been posting but I hate it's all about my outfits. The truth is I haven't have time to create anything else. I love to take pictures and write about my outfits but my looks aren't all I want to give. It's easy to ask my friends to take  that pictures while I see them in the city, but now I want to invest my time to write more about my life and lifestyle. Fashion and clothing will remain as a major theme though. There is some articles and  projects with fashion and other lifestyle themes I've been working on, so my outfits won't be only thing you will see in the future.

Now quick to the outfit. I have never been the into to the prints and patterns, especially to the florals, but when I saw Mathias Greets wearing this same Jack&Jones shirt I changed my mid immediately. Later I saw the shirt in my local departmentsotore and the same second I touched the shirt, I heard the salesociate screaming: "Ooh, you are watching the seasons most stylish pice!" She was sweet and in five minutes I was sold. 


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