keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2016

More Gucci

Here we are with another look inspired by the Gucci silk scarf. In this outfit I wanted to give all the attention to the scarf. The colors of the scarf looked amazing with black so I went all-black base and  brown leather shoes matching perfectly the shade of brown in the scarf. Some days I feel like hidding behind all-in-black outfit, but I don't want. Black is great base for interesting outfit but head-to-toe-black, even with different materials and textures, is a bit boring. Could you be just a bit more original or creative? And thats really what I think I see anyone all-in-black. (My opinion has nothing to do with the fact Anna Wintour would never wear head-to-toe-black, hah.)

Now to the Scarf itself. I told that I got it from my grandmother few years ago. Well my grandmother got it quite many few years ago from his friend. My grandmama used to travel a lot with her friends and they made new friends with the locals around the world. One of them was this italian guy from Rome working in fashion industry. They visited at his huge villa in Rome where his kids played at their own football field, and had fabulous dinner served by their maid. All relationships can't last forever, well I think if you have Italian friend sending fashion pieces you don't let the friendship die.. Luckily my grandma didn't throw these treasures away while cleaning her closets.


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