perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2016

Pizza Friday

I have loved cooking and baking since forever. When I was a child I rather spend my days in the kitchen with my mum than played with the other kids. So I basically grew up in the kitchen. I love baking but sometimes I take it too seriously, I mean, if something I've tried very hard has failed it might have ended up once of twice on the floor… Thats the perfectionist side of me. I promise I write more about those comic tragedies later, hah.

Anyway will I do it seriously or effortless I like to bake and cook alone. I'm the grandmother who doesn't need help and gets crazy if someone try to do something in the kitchen at the same time. Sometimes it's still fun to cook with family and friends. Few weeks ago we had the perfect Friday night with my mum and his husband. We made our own pizzas with our own favorite fillings. The mood was cozy with red wine, best of Verdi and lots of laugh. Cooking and baking with family and friends is so fun and bonding. So if you have nothing to do during the weekend I have a great suggestion for you: invite your friend over and bake something your favorite and have great quality time! 

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