tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2016

The Weekend

As you know, I am in the army and that means I spend only some of my weekends at home. It's hard  to schedule and balance my weekends between seeing family, going out with my friends and having  relaxing quality time with me myself and I. Last weekend I went to Kotka to spend time with my mum and his husband. The weekend started with really good news which gave us reason to celebrate with champagne.

We had the perfect pizza Friday with home made pizza(obviously), lots of laugh, red wine and candle light. We started our Saturday with brunch and went to the theatre to see "Pride and Prejudice". After the theater I took train back to Lahti to see my aunt instead of going to dinner with others. I spend my Sunday on bed watching Netflix to the late afternoon. Later I shoot two outfits in the city with my dad and had amazing Sunday dinner. Unfortunately I didn't find the pictures I took.


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