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What Fashion is?

What is fashion? That is the question I've been trying to get answer few years now, and never come up with clear definition. Fashion seems to be one of the hottest topics but what does it really means?

The word fashion means something that's popular and common in certain place and time. Fashion forms from the thoughts, styles and global phenomenons of the world. Fashion is what the past, like belle époque, 20's or the world war II was like,  meaning just not the clothing people wore,  but the way of life they had. That's so old, can mean the dress of the last season girl has or the opinions of our parents from the middle ages.  In our daily bases we talk about fashion when we are talking about clothes, style and trends. There is a line between word fashion and fashion world. We talk about changing fashions when we really talk about changing trends, that are one day in and the next day out. Fashion is not only the clothing. Fashion is everything: the clothes and accessories, the cars, the furniture, the architecture, the way we talk, act, and think. Fashion isn't eternal, like Yves Saint Laurent said. Fashion changes fast, and I'm not talking about clothing which styles, by the way, change too fast nowadays, but not that quickly and certain cycles as trends and styles. Kim Kardashian-West is an icon and has her own personal style we will remember after she has past. She create new trends that does change often. Fashion is the way she do everything and the fashion won't be the same tomorrow. Fashion moves on. Styles changes but we will remember and set inspired of the icons later on.  Fashion is in the details of styles and trends which create the fashion.

Fashion is about feeling good. Fashion is everywhere, in every moment, in everyones minds. Fashion is in the people, in ideas, in our behavior, in the stars, in the inspiration. Fashion is the art. Fashion is nothing that exist in Vogue only. Anna Wintour might choose the coming trends and Karl Lagerfeld design the new styles, but neither of those great leaders of the fashion world can choose whats in fashion. Fashion is personal. It means different things to different people. Fashion tells who we are and stye is the way to express ourself. Fashion can mean the style and trends, new fashionable clothes, a business in the  fashion industry,  job in the world of fashion, obsession, religion, inspiration, pain, nothing. Fashion is the way of life. There is people who doesn’t care about fashion at all, but in reality those people choose not to care. Those are like the people who doesn't vote in elections.

I do believe in fashion. I believe you are what you wear, but fashion is not only a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos or new Prada bag. Fashion is the world of clothes, styles and trends. Fashion is style from the past. Fashion is art combining every elements of art and world. Fashion is the personality of individual people and groups. Fashion connect and separate us. Fashion is complicated word to understand, like words love and happiness. Fashion is the huge umbrella term with varieties of levels and meanings.

I loved to hear what you think about fashion. 
Please leave a comment down below even you don't have brilliant point or crystal clear thought about what fashion is.


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