torstai 24. marraskuuta 2016

Sand Copenhagen x Filippa K

There is two things I need to fix. One is the problem with the quality of my pictures. I don't want to start the frustrating game with the flickr but I probably have to. I also have to learn how to edit my pictures a bit better. I can fix the tune and lightning etc, but I want to take my editing skills to the next level. Actually I have third problem too: my poses. I look the same in all my pictures. And I don't mean the same expressions on my face but how I stand, pose and use my body. I was not supposed to write bout problems I have, hah.

In January I promised to take my blog more seriously. I made major layout changes, started to write in english and and hided my old articles. This year was meant to be all about the progress of my blog.  Year is coming to the end and I feel I kept my goal. On January I will re-publish the old posts and maybe launch new website, but more later about coming changes and back to the fall before it turns December and Christmas. 


maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2016

The November

Bloggers get very inspired with the changing seasons and months. In May everyone gets crazy about flowers and colors, the September is the time to get exited about sweatshirts and cups of coffee. November is the month everyone seems to get upset. November is the time to finish the projects we started at the begging of autumn so not only the darkness and rain, but work and stress drives people down. I feel people are very hectic and tried and some ones really seems to fall down with the fall. But for me November is relaxing. November is my favorite month.

Yeah, you read it right. My favorite moth of them all is November. I love the melancholy of November. I love the rain and the empty threes and last leaves in the ground.  This year we got our first snow for two weeks which was quite unusual. I don't hate winter and snow but I want to enjoy my dark rainy November, not bright snow. Darknes means I have only few hours good light for shooting and thats something every blogger, in north at least, complain. I think thats challenge we just have to deal with, not barrier.

November also means the Christmas. Sometimes I feel November equals December, hah. Anyway, the Christmass hype has begun and the Christmas lights were lighted around the world yesterday. Year after year the Christmas becomes earlier and earlier and I'm not the only one to notice that. Maybe its the miserable November we want to start the Christmas as soon as possible. I'm hundred percent Christmas person and I'm usually in the first ones to start listening christmas carols, hanging the lights in windows and baking gingerbread mans. This year I haven't been the early bird. Well, I have drank mulled wine and eat Christmas delicacies but I haven't start the Christmas hype yet. I promise I will come back with the Christmas hype at the beginning of December! 


torstai 10. marraskuuta 2016

Tarte Tatin

Apple pies has to be my favorite desserts, during the fall at least, and I don't have any specific favorite. It doesn't matter is it tarte tattin, apple strudel or just classic american apple pie, if it has apple on it, I eat it. Apples are in season now so obviously I eat these apple delicacy like mad. Tarte tatin may sound very posh french dessert, and it is, but at the same time its very easy to make. I have mede this so many time I din't use any recipe, so you have to google if you want to make it, sorry. It's only apples, butter, sugar and puff paste so you can't fail. A french dessert that can't fail, doesn't that sound unbelievable? So pour a cup of tea and enjoy your tarte tatin, apple crumble or what ever apple pie and enjoy the autumn. No words needed!


keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2016

My Go To Autumn Look

I forgot to publish these pictures. Well I din't, I had these pictures on my mid every day but I din't have time to edit and publish these. I am spending this week at camp in forest so I scheduled few posts for you. There was a few weeks of silence here on my blog but now I'm back with my regular two to three post per a week schedule. I'm in hurry but luckily there is not much to say about the outfit. Something I could wear everyday during the fall: classy and stylish. Unfortunately we can't say the same about the quality of the pictures. I am too tried to fight with blogger again so this time we just have to deal with the bad quality. 

Me 0 - 1 Blogger 


maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2016

I Fell in Love

With Stockholm. As I have told you I will probably apply to Sweden to study something in coming years and now I was in Stockholm to take the exam, högskoleprovet, which is the entrance exam I can apply with to study almost anything in any school in Sweden. The exam was fine, I won't get the best scores but that wasn't my plan either. I went there to see what the exam was like and now I'm ready to study hard and fly back to take the exam again. But the exam is not what I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about Stockhom.

I have always loved Stockholm and wanted to move there. It's over six months of my latest visit and I had kind of forgot how much I love that city. In my latest plans I have been thinking about moving to South-Sweden to study in Lund University near Malmö and Copenhagen, but the 36 hour exploring in Stockholm made me re-think my plans. There is still Paris and New York on top of my places to live in list, but Stockholm will probably be the first place I will move.

I had my camera with me, but my plan was not to run around taking pictures. I wanted to enjoy the city. I took few shoots for you and me, but thats it. Maybe next time I spend more time taking pictures and have someone with me to shoot my outfits as well. I took most of these pictures on Friday morning when it was a bit rainy. The Saturday was beautiful and the sun shined whole day from the clear sky. 

These pictures give the rainy feelings the city has when I arrived the Stockholm Central Station at 08.07 am on Friday morning. I love the rain and rainy Stockholm give me a very good mood. First I went to Gamla stan to admire the medival vibes of the oldest part of Stockholm.  I continued there to Östermalm for breakfast and I did some serious window shopping as well. I went to Gucci and Burberry to practice my swedsih for the exam, hah. The sale sosiactes were super kind and lovely. I have been thinking about buying Louis Vuitton Keepall but I didn't dare to go to the Vuitton store. Isn't tat weird? Ins't Lous Vuitton is the store where is easy to go even you are not buying anything? I even had a bag in my mind.. In Saturday I also visited Prada store during the lunch break and I falled in love with Prada almost as much as I fell in love with Stockholm. I thank the god I really has no need to fabulous brefcases and shoes, yet. 

Everything in Stockholm was pefrect. The people was death good looking, food was delicious and the smell of the city was unbelievable. The best thing was the people. When I arrived to Stockholm I emideiatly fell I come home from my past and the weekend confirmed that. I can't remember when I have felt so bad about going my real home. I wanted to cry when I left Stockholm. It felt I was leaving my home.

My swedish is not perfect, I struggled even with the smalltalk in the Starbucks, but I survived. I still blend in with the locals very well. For example  one woman asked me help, and I realy hope she get to her destination I guided her. Nervous Finnish mum with her kids asked me help with insecure swedish and I am sure she was more pleased that I responded her with finnish than the fact I give her the right way. I also asked casually help to find the closest ATM and one local teenage boy asked me to buy him alcohol as well. Of course I did't by him the alcohol, but I was super glad he asked. I felt I belonged there. I belong in Stockholm.