torstai 24. marraskuuta 2016

Sand Copenhagen x Filippa K

There is two things I need to fix. One is the problem with the quality of my pictures. I don't want to start the frustrating game with the flickr but I probably have to. I also have to learn how to edit my pictures a bit better. I can fix the tune and lightning etc, but I want to take my editing skills to the next level. Actually I have third problem too: my poses. I look the same in all my pictures. And I don't mean the same expressions on my face but how I stand, pose and use my body. I was not supposed to write bout problems I have, hah.

In January I promised to take my blog more seriously. I made major layout changes, started to write in english and and hided my old articles. This year was meant to be all about the progress of my blog.  Year is coming to the end and I feel I kept my goal. On January I will re-publish the old posts and maybe launch new website, but more later about coming changes and back to the fall before it turns December and Christmas. 


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