maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2016

The November

Bloggers get very inspired with the changing seasons and months. In May everyone gets crazy about flowers and colors, the September is the time to get exited about sweatshirts and cups of coffee. November is the month everyone seems to get upset. November is the time to finish the projects we started at the begging of autumn so not only the darkness and rain, but work and stress drives people down. I feel people are very hectic and tried and some ones really seems to fall down with the fall. But for me November is relaxing. November is my favorite month.

Yeah, you read it right. My favorite moth of them all is November. I love the melancholy of November. I love the rain and the empty threes and last leaves in the ground.  This year we got our first snow for two weeks which was quite unusual. I don't hate winter and snow but I want to enjoy my dark rainy November, not bright snow. Darknes means I have only few hours good light for shooting and thats something every blogger, in north at least, complain. I think thats challenge we just have to deal with, not barrier.

November also means the Christmas. Sometimes I feel November equals December, hah. Anyway, the Christmass hype has begun and the Christmas lights were lighted around the world yesterday. Year after year the Christmas becomes earlier and earlier and I'm not the only one to notice that. Maybe its the miserable November we want to start the Christmas as soon as possible. I'm hundred percent Christmas person and I'm usually in the first ones to start listening christmas carols, hanging the lights in windows and baking gingerbread mans. This year I haven't been the early bird. Well, I have drank mulled wine and eat Christmas delicacies but I haven't start the Christmas hype yet. I promise I will come back with the Christmas hype at the beginning of December! 


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