keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2016

Bear With Me!

The Christmas is in next week! Can you believe it? I can't. Usually it feels like forever before the holidays comes. Well, not forever but much longer. Maybe I feel this because I didn't start the Christmas hype early November as usually. Or maybe it's because I'm in the army so I'm not in the Christmas mood middle of lights, candles, and gingerbread. I feel terrified but also relieved that this year is over very soon. The year was great, but I can't wait the coming year with all chances it comes with. I will write about the highlights of the year and maybe create a collage about my favorite outfits I wore during the year. 

Unfortunatly I haven't have time to decorate my room yet, and I will not. Past years my mom wanted to decorate less and less so I was the one decorating our home. Now I'm spending only the weekends at home so I couldn't enjoy the decorations that much, and it would take a full day to decorate and I want to spend my limited spare time with my loved ones rather than decorating my room by myself. We won't have even the Christmas three this year. If we would have I would decorate it with chrystal ornaments and I bet you could hang the tree upside down to the celling as a chandelier, haha.

I have only this weekend before Christmas, or I might have few days off before the holidays but I don't know yet! I still have to buy some gifts and I will celebrate my birthday with my friends on Saturday. Well I won't take pressures. I feel the theme for this Christmas is  minimalism: there is no need for crazy hustle and bustle. At least all the magazines I have read has created the illusion about the peaceful family Christmas and for me that works better than perfect, at least this year.


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