keskiviikko 28. joulukuuta 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmass has been over for a while even though I won't admit that. Maybe, because I usually have continued the Christmas till the New Years Eve spending the days doing nothing in my pyjamas, reeding books with chocolate and of course seeing my friends. Past years I've went to Helsinki for the Christmas sales and the city has been crazy. There has been more people than the days before Christmas which I found quite funny. Unfortunately I'm back in the barrack and had to open my computer and get back to work. Not that I don't want to write, vice versa, but I would rather live in the illusion of Christmas with dozens of blankets and mulled wine.

I had great Christmas with my family and friends. My Christmas was very traditional mainly because I wanted it to be. Even though the traditions will change and new come, I want to treasure the old ones as much as I can, so I spend the Christmas Eve first at my moms and then in my grandmas just like the past years. Unfortunately I didn't see my grandpapa and papa because they wren't in the city.  Even tough I want to see everyone,  obviously, I won't judge if someone doesn't want to have traditional Christmas. , everyone can spend their Christmas whee they what and how they want. I'm not ready to leave my hometown to spend the christmas somewhere else, yet.

In Christmas night I went to the church with my sister and our friends and stayed up till the morning in one of our friends kitchen just talking and catching up. The Christmas Day party at Seurahuone, hotel in my city with legendary parties in Christmas and the graduation day in summer, was amazing. I was there last year too so I suppose we can keep it as a tradition, right? Everyone was there and I had so much fun. Definitely the party of the year, again.

So this was my Christmas 2016. I took pictures only the Christmas Eve with the magical feeling Christmas come in with. This year was also the first one I was more excited about giving than getting presents. I feel the ones I gave was quite personal and some of them very sentimental as well. I my self got lots of chocolates and books, the ones I wanted, so I couldn't be happier.


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