perjantai 9. joulukuuta 2016

French Toast // Christmass Edition

I love the taste of chritmass. The traditional christmas dishes we eat during the holidays aren't all my favorites, but I live for the Christmas spices. I use cinnamon and ginger trough the year, but in December I like to spice up my ordinal meals with them.

Last weekend I made maybe the easiest breakfast, french toast, with a christmas twist. I live for St. Dalfour fig jam. Few weeks ago I wanted to buy it but the self in the store of it was empty. I wanted fig  jam with my bread but I didn't want to bay any other brand because this one is the best. So I give a try to raspberry and pomegranate jam of the same brad and it was success. My mum surprised me last weekend with the St. Dalfour fig jam and I had to make breakfast with them. French toasts come up in my mind immediately. French taste are easy to make and perfect with jam and whipped cream.  so I "surprised" my mom with french toasts on Saturday morning. I asked would she like some french toast and later I waked her up to the elegant breakfast. These are the moments I want to create and enjoy about.

The jams taste Christmas but I spiced the french toast as well. I added cinnamon and cardamom to the egg-milk mixture. I also spiced the coffee with coffee spice from last year. You can make everything to taste a bit more  like Chritmass. You don't need to have certain coffee falvours fighter. You can buy favored Chritmass coffee or just add cinnamon to the coffee grounds or if you want fancy cappuccino or late you can add the spices in your milk and heat and whip it. 

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