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Top 5 Last Minute Gifts to Buy

It starts to be the last minutes to go to the city and get those presents you haven't already got. I won't promise I save you but I have few classic gift ideas on my mind that might help you. Buying gift is always special because people are different. Someone would die for that Body Shop lotion box and someone can't stand books. You have to know something about the person you are buying the gift, and obviously you do. I have 5 ideas thats are suitable with every age and gender. You can fin all of these from department store with is the number one place to go christmas shopping, you find everything under the same roof. Before you take the bus to the city write down who you need to get something and what will you get. Otherwise you will spend whole day founding nothing and finally do bad purchases on the last minutes before the store closes. 


The most traditional and easiest one: everyone loves chocolate. A box of chocolate might be the best  choice if you can't figure out anything else. You can invest in some more expensive truffles, but the department stores has great selections of great quality treats that are not very pricy. Just don't buy the tackiest and cheapest ones, please. Those look and taste terrible. My favorites are the most festive liqueurs and chocolate balls you can get buy danish brand Lakrids by Johan Bulow. I can't wait to get those from someone. 


A book is always a good idea. If the one you are buying the present loves reading this is no doubt the xx one. But you can still give a book even he/she doesn't love to read. You can give a copy of your own favorite book, one from the bestsellers list or even ask if there is a book he/she would like to get. You can  never go wrong with classic either, and my suggestion is The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Perfumes & Cosmetics

Since 2010 I've got new fragrance every Chritmas. There might be a fragrance on her/his mid or one you want to give her/him(at least there is always a new fragrance I want, in my mind), go for it. This is fun and easy way to update your brothers or mothers fragrance game, the sales associate will gladly help you to find the perfect scent. Of course you can go together to find the best one together. This same category includes other cosmetics and beauty products like the lotions, skincare, grooming essentials etc. Great stuff to get!

Candels & Home decor

Candles and home decor are more personal options. Easy way to give unforgettable gifts and same time update you daughters or boyfriends interior decoration with new lamp or rug. You can buy also buy candlestick or other decorative ornaments if you know the style of the one you are buying it. If you friend is freak about his/hers decoration, as I am, you can always ask if there is mirror, vase or pillow she/he would like. Candles are great option for the dark winter and you can't go wrong with scented Diptyque candles for a lover of decoration.

Gift Cards!!!

We need luxury in our daily bases and the gift cards is great way to give it to our loved ones. Massages and spa treatments are something we rarely dare to invest in ourselves so those are great and surely very much liked presents. With gift cards you can be creative and give something to yourself as well, tickets to your favorite concert, ballet or afternoon tea at some fancy place. Use a bit of your imagination and forget the regular gift cards to that department store, even the sky won't be the limit with this one.

I Wish You Good Luck to the Last Minute Shoppings!


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