perjantai 23. joulukuuta 2016

What to Wear During the Holidays?

Don't know what to wear on Christmas? Don't worry, I do either. On Christmas I have always chosen my outfit by the feeling I have at the moment. The key to best Christmas outfit is to feel good. If you feel good, you look good. Choose your outfit that make you feel cozy or million dollar depending your plans. What you wear has a great impact on how you feel. 

This is the outfit I will probably wear on Christmas day, when I go to the club with my friends. Going out on Christmas day might seem weird but in Finland the Christmas Eve is the day we really celebrate the Christmas with our families and the Christmas Day is the time to stay home, see relatives and yes, go out. I want to look great but also feel comfortable so I will wear white shirt with black jeans, classic combo the can't ever go wrong and look festive and the most important feels good, if the jeans fit well and shirt is tailored like those should be. Wear the classic items you already have and style it with red, green and gold details and accessories, if you want. You really don't need to buy the new velvet suit or Christmas jumper.  Forget the too tight cloths you have, Christmas is all about feeling good.



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