torstai 16. maaliskuuta 2017

Can You Even Remember Me?

it is since forever I last time have written anything. It feels awful, like writing and publishing the first posts for the first time, and kind of I am. If you are on this will be the last post you will ever read here. I have finally moved to my own domain so click here to switch to the new blog. This is not a fresh start really, I don't want it to be.  Moving to the WordPress have been on my mind few years now and finally, I made it. I am working with something I started years ago so all the old post will be available and I actually have revealed even more of the old posts for you to read.  I believe starting things again and again will just lead to nothing. We need to make things already existing work like Tim Gun would say -to reach what we want and already have started. There is no reason to hide the past. So if you still are on, click the link, NOW!

You are on, right? Good. Wasn’t that quick? The transforming tough was nor fast or easy at all. Even tough I have installed the WordPress and it works pretty well now on, there is awful lot to do with the layout, categories and archives to start with -the website is not ready yet. I’m sure it never will be. I think blogging is work-in-progress and when the blog reaches the point of the ultimate perfection it is time to stop blogging and start doing something else. I believe that the layout tough can be perfect and mine is not there yet, but I just couldn’t wait it anymore. And why would I?

I’ve been full of inspiration since the December but I haven’t written or published even pictures I have shoot with my friends. I wanted to manage the move first and then start posting when the website would be perfect. Nothing is ready yet but I just can’t wait anymore. I’m still creating the layout and sites but I want to post and write. And end this break I was not supposed to have. I have been edited this post already few days now. Like I wrote before: it feels like writing the first post. I know this feeling will pass in soon when I get back to the ”normal” posting. Normal in dittos because I don’t have any certain schedule, never have had and probably never will have.

My original plan was to launch the at the beginning of 2017, but I messed it up with the domain registration to WordPress: I created not blog and account (for the ones who doesn’t know, there is a major distance between those two platforms). With hours of sweat and days of fight, I managed to transform everything, including the original blog from blogger to the I know it wouldn’t be that hard if I would have read more or have asked help from someone to do these easy things and I saved a lot of time and nerves, but I wanted to do everything by myself. I tried even to code the theme few weeks but with my skills, wich are terrible, it was a bad idea so I ended up buying very customizable theme I have worked with. There is a terrible lot to do, but for now I am happy with the chaos I have. Later when I have time I maybe will learn to code the website or hire someone to do it, so it could be 100% my own.


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