Welcome to my blog! I am 18 years old guy from Finland and I have been on and off blogging since 2012. During the years blogging has become more and more important for me and now I want it to become important for you to! Boggs are great platforms to be creative and and express our selfs. I love to take photos and share m thoughts so writing a blog just feel right to me.

Though I have been blogging almost four years now, I feel I am the new kid on the block. I've always written my blog to me but now I feel I want to write for the people. I want to share my view of life and hopefully give some inspiration. 

I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration or learn something new from me. Incase you feel irritated or simply don't like my blog don't tease yourself! You can always search other blog that interests you more. Otherwise feel free to follow, comment and please, stay tuned.



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